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Philips Xitanium Digital drivers

The Philips Xitanium digital driver converts AC electricity into a very smooth ripple free DC supply.  Philips are an industry leader in LED & LED driver technology, the ultra smooth current flow to the LED module ensures maximum lifetime and minimum faults from your LEDs. 

Previous constant current or voltage regulated drivers often tended to fall short in the area of ripple current control and hot-switching (which is an immediate power surge as the unit is switched on)

Small changes in voltage can lead to large changes in current, and one of the main causes of LED faults has been damage due to in-rush current.  The Xitanium digital driver gives us unsurpassed precision power regulation as well as protection against hot-switching.

One of the best features of the Xitanium digital drivers is the adjustable output current (AOC) meaning, for example, that they could run future LED modules at higher current settings, which is the likely future of next-gen LED technologies.  

The Xitanium digital drivers are also dimmable and programmable. Dimming capabilities (using the Command Centre) allow the grow light to vary from 1-100% light power and also allow the driver to be switched completely off. Previous drivers could only dim to 10% light output, but still required mains timers for the main power supply. Mains timers can cause power surges if too many devices are connected to them.  Whereas switching devices on/off can cause power surges, smooth digital dimming does not.  Growing with the latest LED technology allows you to take full digital control of your modern urban garden in new ways that is not possible with older LED or HPS lights. 

The Xitanium digital driver is rated up to 110W but we run it at 75W so it is operating well within it’s limit. It supplies the Nuventix cooling module with power as well as the LED module, delivering a complete power solution for the grow light in a single dependable package.  It is designed for a lifetime of 50,000 hours and should provide many years of reliable service. 

Please note.  Our driver is designed for 220-240V therefore it will not operate in areas using 120V AC.  The reason we do this is to achieve the most efficient conversion of AC to DC and the highest level of regulation.  If demand is high enough we will consider making a version of our grow light optimised for 120V AC.

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