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Nuventix synjet

Our Holographic LED grow light uses an amazing new, almost silent cooling technology

Traditional rotary cooling fans are noisy and often the least reliable part of a good quality LED growlight.  The vents above such rotary cooling fans often collect dust and moisture, they are also a hazard if a hanging chain (or other item) falls through the vent.

The LED & electronics industry has been eagerly awaiting a quieter, more effective and more reliable alternative to the rotary cooling fan.  Enter the SynJet device from Nuventix, a sophisticated cooling solution from a company that specialise in high-end cooling technology.

The SynJet is a revolutionary electronic device used for cooling electronic components. It is an electronically-controlled device with an oscillating magnetic diaphragm membrane which moves up and down rapidly, creating high velocity air flow. This type of technology has no traditional moving parts, it is also extremely effective and reliable.  We use the latest generation SynJet with an expected lifetime of 200,000 hours.  This is the most reliable active-air cooling solution available today.

The first thing you notice when you switch on the Holographic LED grow light is that it is almost silent and small - valuable features for many indoor growers. The LED module is attached directly to a heat sink which receives pulsed turbulent air flow at high velocity from the SynJet.   This effectively removes the heat from the heat sink and the internal case. 

The Holographic Series LED grow light can be used vertically or horizontally while maintaining the same thermal performance thanks to the SynJet in combination with the 2mm copper core circuit board.  With older style LED grow lights overheating would easily occur if the unit was positioned at 45º to the plants, often causing LED modules to overheat and fail.  The bigger the wattage of the grow light the more of an issue this became.

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