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Holographic series 1 overview

The Holographic Series 1 is a 75W LED grow light with the performance to beat a 250W HPS. It is built on 5 superior components:

• The latest super-bright Philips ‘Rebel’ LEDs with custom narrow band-gap binning.  This means we specifically select individual LED chips to output extremely intense light at a very narrow selection of wavelengths for maximum performance. 
• Matching EU manufactured Philips digital driver for fully stable power delivery
• An amazing, near-silent high-tech cooling module
• An innovative new optical system with adjustable beam angle control and uniform distribution of spectra and intensity.  
• A modular power and control solution.  The German-manufactured WAGO power control system is by far the best quality power control system we could build into our LED grow light.  

Our LED grow light is built in the EU and uses the best technology from industry-leading suppliers. There is nothing else quite like it.

Grownorthern are one of the few established LED grow light providers to assemble our products outside of China. The philosophy has been to build an indoor LED grow light with the very best quality components from the best suppliers.
Using multiple Holographic Series LED grow lights allows a much more even distribution of light than is possible from a single light source with less shadows. With LED several points of illumination are always better than one.

Ours is the first LED grow light to use a holographic diffuser. This is an optical grade polycarbonate with a high-tech surface micro structure which the LED light shines through. The light field is projected evenly without any optical hot-spots. Now the corner of your grow room is a bright as the centre. Swapping to a different holographic filter you can change the size and shape of the light field.  This is the first grow light to incorporate a changeable diffuser.

The Holographic Series 1 LED grow light takes LED grow-light technology to new levels with a compact 200mm x 230mm x57mm  size allowing you to use more of your grow room for plants and less for equipment.
Our design brings together some top quality components into a unique design which you won't find anywhere else.
The acclaimed high performance Philips Rebel LEDs deliver the most intense LED light. Philips LED technology is more expensive than many other brands but the technical performance, reliability and build quality is as good as it gets. Philips Rebel LEDs convert between 43-53% of the electricity into light - over twice as efficient as the much cheaper Chinese chip encapsulations and COB (‘chip on board’) alternatives. 
Combining the specially selected LEDs with narrow wavelength output and the latest white lighting means we not only outperform the previous ‘Modular’ LEDs but also the rebel upgrade for that series from Grow Northern. The Holographic Series 1 LED Grow light is a product where quality and performance are prioritised

Old rotary cooling fans are replaced with a silent cooling system based on an oscillating magnetic diaphragm - the Nuventix ‘Synthetic Jet’ (SynJet) cooling system. Nuventix are based in the USA and supply high end cooling without the traditional moving parts normally used in rotary cooling fans. The SynJet allows precision directional air flow, and is far more efficient than rotary cooling fans.  This means longer life, more effective cooling and near-silent operation.

The LED metal-core printed circuit board (MCPCB) uses a 2mm copper core which gives added strength to the board but the main function of the copper is to distribute heat preventing temperature hot spots.  Copper is better heat conductor than aluminium typically used in low-end LED designs.  A Philips Xitanium digital driver converts AC to DC electricity which powers the LED module.  The LED module is laser cut and machine soldered in the EU, not hand soldered in China.

The power control system is the German manufactured Winsta Wago, an established  quality and safety leader in the field of interconnectivity.

Everything about our design has been done to optimise build quality, synergy and performance. When we designed the Holographic Series 1 LED grow light we did not compromise quality.

The Holographic Series LED design was designed and manufactured in the UK by Grownorthern.


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