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Holographic Optical system

Of all the advanced technologies used in our LED grow light the most unique is the holographic optical system. This smart 3-part optic is the first truly homogenous and variable light distribution technology for the LED grow light industry.

The first 2 stages of the optical system take the LED light and collimate it into a narrow beam, focussed at ‘infinity’ with little divergence. 

This light is then delivered into the 3rd stage, a holographic diffusion optic which is comprised of an optical grade polycarbonate with a micro structured surface which acts as if covered with millions of tiny micro lenses.   These blend the different light wavelengths together and also remove any illumination hot spots, projecting a light field with perfectly even intensity from centre to edge. 

The 3-part combination of the Rebel optics, Ledil optics and holographic diffusion system combine to give superb synergy.   Despite using a complex multistage optical solution the the throughput of light remains incredibly high and results in an optical system that provides unsurpassed distribution control and delivery of light. 

The standard holographic diffuser supplied with each grow light gives an 80° x 80° light delivery.  However the holographic diffusers are designed to be interchanged allowing you to personalise the size and shape of your light field according to the restrictions of your grow room and the intensity of light required by your plants at different stages of their growth.  

We stock a range of holographic diffusers with different light shaping effects that will allow you to use your grow room to maximum efficiency no matter what shape you have or how you wish to use that space.  By interchanging different diffusion optics you can adjust the angle of light on the ‘X’ axis from 20° to 90°, and the same on the ‘Y’ axis.    This gives a range of diffusion optics from 90°x20° to 20° x 90° and everything in-between. By increasing or reducing the height of the grow light above the plants you can alter the size and intensity (but not shape) of the light field 


The 60°x60° diffusion optic is perfect if you wish to focus the LED light into a narrow intense light beam at a low height to finish blooming a mature plant.  

A 40°x40° optic is ideal for commercial greenhouse growers who want to hang the light from a high ceiling but still retain high light intensity at plant canopy level. 

An 80°x50° provides great coverage for rectangular shape grow rooms. Using two units each equipped with the 80°x50° optic will create superb canopy coverage flowering in a 1.2x1.2m indoor grow tent.  Each light will illuminate half of the grow area, and if angled inwards slightly it will maximize light penetration.


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