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GN Rebel Led Module v2

The LED module uses the latest ultra-bright Philip Rebels LED’s. We use an array of 37 LED’s; 20 Philips Rebel Colour deep-red LEDs, 16 Rebel ES white/blue LEDs and the powerful new infra-red LZ1 from LED Engin. The Rebel LED technology is amongst the very best LED available at the moment.

They benefit from unbeatable build quality and produce intense light. They are also more efficient than previous LED technologies, converting between 43% and 53% of electricity directly into narrow band light. These LEDs are a significant improvement on the Chinese and Taiwan LED grow light technologies which have been used in previous years. The light is made from a proven and highly effective combination of deep red, infra-red, blue, warm white and cool white LED’s. Perfect for the growth and flowering phase of your plants.

The LEDs are mounted on the MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board) with a 2mm pure copper core, solder mask and moisture protection coating.  This ensures even heat spreading and more importantly a very low thermal resistance at the LED junction point.  The circuit board is assembled in a specialist European factory. Our LED module was designed and built with quality and performance as the main priorities.

The LED module is the heart of the Holographic LED grow light and it is built using the best LED technology. The LED’s are the proven high intensity Luxeon Rebel LED’s built by Philips who are a world leader in LED technology with a reputation for durable quality. LED technology has advanced dramatically in recent years and the improvements in light intensity means LED technology is now being used routinely in all types of industrial and domestic applications. The LED’s used in our grow-lights should have an expected life time of 50,000+ hours. Even after 50,000+ hours the LED’s should still be able to deliver 80%+ of their original light intensity. For most customers the Holographic LED grow light will pay for itself in electricity savings after the first few grows compared to HPS. 

When electricity flows through the LED they emit light at a specific wavelength. They are covered in a spherical silicone lens which extracts the light into a 120 degree primary beam.  Then we have a secondary collimating optical system before the advanced Holographic optics.

Our LED grow light uses a dominant deep red spectrum.  This is the most readily absorbed light and is where the plant gets most of its energy for growth. However deep red is often a surface level light and not good at penetrating to lower canopy levels.  Therefore the use of cool white LED at 5650K and warm white at 2700K is highly penetrating and reaches lower canopy levels keeping the whole plant supplied with light for growth.  We use blue LED light at 440-445nm, this is essential to optimise healthy plant development and photosynthesis.

The IR light provided by the LZ1 is only partially visible to the human eye and provides the plants with infra red. The IR stimulates plant hormones which in vegetive growth allows for increased nodal spacing, this means more plant surface area and faster growth. During bloom IR light increases the number of flowering sites. IR light is also essential for respiratory function and protein breakdown.

By completely colour mixing the  Deep red, white and blue with the Holographic Diffuser we get an intense pink red colour which we call PS1.0 (Production Spectrum 1.0)



Typical Radiometric output at

700ma (mW)

Typical Luminous Flux 

at 700ma (lm)


Wavelength/ CCT

Quantity per module




Deep Red






Royal Blue






Warm white






Cool white






Typical Radiometric output at

700ma (mW)

Typical Luminous Fluxat

700ma (lm)


Wavelength/ CCT

Quantity per module




Far red



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